Leadership and Management

At Kirkstall Valley Primary School, there are many leaders!

Senior school leaders lead by example, living the vision of the school. They understand that they are in a privileged position and behave with integrity, professionalism and dedication. They also behave with warmth, empathy and resilience and encourage others to act the same.

A culture of safeguarding pervades the organisation. Leaders and staff work closely and efficiently with external agencies to support children and families experiencing challenges and crises. Leaders promote equality of opportunity and diversity exceptionally well, for pupils and staff, so that the ethos and culture of the whole school is one of achievement for all. Leaders, staff and pupils do not tolerate prejudiced behaviour of any kind.

The school's vision is highly ambitious for all children, has the highest expectations for performance and conduct and is underpinned by a robust strategy for raising standards in all areas. It is effectively and routinely communicated to governors and other stakeholders and delivered through strong shared values, policies and practice.

Senior leaders work hard to ensure that the pressures on colleagues do not lose a balance and that any issues are dealt with swiftly and with compassion.

Professional development is focused on increasing teachers' ability to teach and assess the curriculum in more effective ways. Teachers' curriculum knowledge and subject pedagogy are always being developed.

Subject leaders act as passionate advocates for their areas of expertise and interest, supporting colleagues with curriculum development and high-quality teaching and learning. Through regular monitoring, subject leaders also ensure that standards in their subjects remain high and that the profile of their subject is well-balanced.

Governors are very knowledgeable about the school, thanks to their visits to school, talking to pupils and staff, and meetings with leaders. Their close work with school leaders ensures they understand what leaders are doing in their relentless pursuit of quality. In this regard, they also challenge and question leaders, who are grateful for governors’ different areas of expertise, which add substantially to the leaders’ capacity to continually improve the school, and, therefore, the pupils’ experience.

At KVPS we strive to create the next generation of leaders in our children. Pupils get many opportunities to lead, whether this be as Sports Ambassadors, School Council Representatives, Equality Team members or as leaders in the classroom - there is an opportunity for everyone to play a part in making Kirkstall Valley Primary School the very best it can be.