Class Readers 

Daily class reading sessions involve children accessing texts in a sustained reading session. ‘Class readers’ begins with iterative vocabulary quizzing and teaching. Children then reflect on what has happened in their story so far before the teacher models the reading of an exciting, emotive or profound story. Over time, it is the aim that all classes have at least enough copies of these texts so that children can share a copy to read between two.

A few questions may be asked during the session to check children’s understanding, but the focus of the session is building stamina, appreciating quality text and the enjoyment of having a story read.

In KS1, particularly in year one, where stories are much shorter, a ‘repeated reader’ model ensures children develop familiarity and love of a range of stories. Children read and appreciate a quality, short story over the course of a week. This may mean that the story is read several times in succession. Children are encouraged to join in, take part and retell the story. Over several weeks, a bank of stories will have been learnt and loved. They are kept in a special box in the classroom for children to access at will. Every half term, the class will explore again the books that they have collected in their repeated reader boxes, ensuring that the arcs of fantastic stories are committed to memory.

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