Real PE foundations

In addition to our spacious outdoor area where our children can explore and develop their physical abilities, we offer weekly PE lessons where we follow the Real PE Foundations scheme of work.

Real PE Foundations is a program of lessons tailored to develop the fundamental skills required to participate in sports. Each half term we carry out a different unit of work which is based around a different exciting theme to help engage the children such as clowns, pirates, seaside and many more.




Dough disco and Squiggle whilst you wiggle

As we are aware, before children learn to write it is important that they build up strength in their hands and fingers, upper body and core as well as develop hand eye coordination, gross motor and fine motor skills. To do this we participate in either dough disco or squiggle whilst you wiggle sessions daily. These sessions are specifically designed to be a fun and interactive way for children to develop all these skills, enabling them to go on to being a successful mark maker.