A Life Awaits

Every day I remind myself of how much I have grown. I always thank my parents for the great or little things they do for me. My brother is my best friend and he cares for me as much as I do for him. This is a story about a girl and how she became the person she is today.

When I was born my parents were always there for me: to feed me, to bathe me and to play with me. I started in a different nursery, which is now long forgotten, until I moved to a new school (the school I am in today). I going to miss this school because it was a really good decision to come here. I had my friends and parents to hang out with but I really wanted someone else to have by my side. Until the day came, my baby brother was born!

I was so excited to see him I could barely sit in my seat. When me and my dad arrived at the hospital, my brother had a case of hernia. I was disappointed because I wouldn’t be able to see my little brother. As soon as the operation was complete, I saw him for the first time. He had so many bandages and scars on his stomach. I felt really bad and didn’t think he would end up in a condition like this. Straight after, there was a liquid in his back and he was sent back to have ANOTHER operation. It was risky because he could develop autism, he could become disabled or even worse he could die!

My brother was obviously saved and he had survived. There was a condition he was stuck with though, he basically can’t control his excitement. It isn’t a problem and it never was. At random times he would get super excited. My brother eventually started school! We were really proud of him and straight away he made friends with some children in his class but shortly after one of them left school. Sometimes he would come back telling lies such as, “18 bullies bullied me.” It was obvious that he was lying and we told him not to develop silly things like that.

Years later, my brother and I went to Pakistan to go meet our grandparents. It was my second time there, I had been there when I was two or one so I couldn’t remember much to be honest. We greeted our grandma and grandad at the airport and headed to their house. We played a game with our grandad. We had to pull his walking sticks out of his hands, I pulled as hard as I could but on the other hand my brother was pinching my grandad’s hand. My grandad didn’t feel anything because his hand was so wrinkly.

Years later, we visited them again. My grandad was not there with us anymore and it felt really different. We came because it was my aunt’s wedding and we really wanted to attend it. I was really nervous and nearly cried but I held my tears back and enjoyed the time there. I made friends with my dad’s cousins, they were the same age as me! Eventually the wedding day was over and we had to return back to England.

We were tired and arrived at the airport early in the morning, massive eye bags sat under our tired eyes. We got home and slept for ages and ages.

Today I prefer myself to be quite normal. I have settled on mastering art. I have a cat (male) called Timmy and I love him to BITS. The big moments have made the person I am today.