East to West

It was a very unpleasant morning for her. She was half awake when she fell off the ladder of her bunk bed. Eventually, she stood up. Limping, as she stumbled to the window, she bumped her hip, hard on the desk. Because she never gave up, she arrived to the window. The warm light shone bright onto her face. Suddenly she saw a cat doing its ‘business’ in her front garden. This is a story of a girl that came to a new culture.

Let’s start at the beginning: her name is Z. She was born on the twelve of November 2009 in Poland. The first time her mum saw her mum cried, “She’s beautiful!”. Her dad was late to watch her mother give birth. He didn’t even want to see it. At least her grandparents were there.

Her grandparents were always there for her. They were like her second parents. Z was always spoilt by them, but she didn’t think that. Z’s parents divorced when she was 2. Her mum never had another child, her dad did. Now she has a brother named Toby. Her dad is Nigerian and currently living in Berlin, Germany. His parents died when Z was young.

Living in Poland, Z went to a private nursery. She also had 2 years of public primary school. Her teacher never supported her and didn’t try to help her. Z’s mum took her to school and her grandmother picked her up. One morning she was going to school with her mum, her mum slipped into a muddy puddle. She was really mucky and 3 years later Z still laughs about it.

When Z was finishing year 2, her mum told her vital news. Z was playing in her room when her mum told her, “I got offered a job in England.” After her mum told her the news, she dramatically started crying at the top of her lungs and started to roll on the floor. She never imagined leaving Poland. Her mum decided it would be good idea to move because her brother moved there a few years before us.

After 2 months, Z and her mum moved! Now she is very happy living in England. She misses all her family members. Currently, she has more friends then she could ever imagine. Here the teachers are helpful and supportive. Her life is a huge labyrinth but that’s the way she likes it.