The Journey

I have always respected my family. I vividly remember my parents standing by my side. Since the day I was born, to my first steps, to the wonderful nursery days, my parents have always helped me. Many incidents have happened and my parents have always been there.  This is the story of a kid that’s following his dreams to be a footballer and his family.

My parents are from Iraq from the city Baghdad. My dad came to Leeds in 2006 and my mum came two years later. My dad’s a doctor specialising in cardiology. I have an annoying little sister who’s 8 years old. My mum looks after me and my sister. Now about me: I’m 11 years old and love playing football. Me and my family all live in the lovely city of Leeds.

At the moment I want to be a footballer. Once I got into year 3 my Mum asked me, “What do you want to be when I’m older?” I exclaimed, “I want to be a footballer!” Although my Mum wants me to be a doctor like my uncle, grandad and dad, I still train and train. Even the grass on the pitch died. My dad wouldn’t let me play on the pitch. I nearly gave up. Eventually, I was scouted for Bradford City Football Club. Excited, I played my first game. Later that day, I was informed that I was released. Nervously, I went back home and straight to bed. Then I didn’t play football for a few weeks. Angry and confused, I asked my Dad why I was released. He replied that they said I wasn’t good enough.

That event really encouraged me to work harder and better because when I was scouted I didn’t bother training. As well as that, my parents have more faith in me. A few years have passed and still I’m training hard. I’m better than ever and hopefully soon I will get scouted again.