The Crazy Holiday!

When my mum first told we were going on holiday I was so happy. Little did I know that it would be so eventful. This is a story of about my crazy holiday in Bulgaria.

Before I even opened my eyes, suddenly someone jumped on my bed. Realising it was my sister, I moaned and idly got up and ready. Arriving to Manchester airport, it took two hours to go through security. Although it took a couple of hours on the plane, I couldn’t sleep once. Tired and fed up, we finally touched down in Bulgaria.

On our way to our hotel, we got on a coach and tried to sleep. Failing at that, I decided to look out the window and see what Bulgaria was about. Arriving at hotel, we got off the coach along with our luggage – or so we thought.

At the reception, we got wrist bands which showed that we paid for food and drinks. Handing us our key card, the manager sent us off to our room. Then I realised… MY BAG! Wait! The bag with all the passports in. The bag my mum told me not to forget was gone. I left it on the coach! My mum called the coach company but we didn’t get it back until the last day.

The best day in Bulgaria was when we went to the market. We got to get two things each, my brother only got a watch because it was expensive. I got a Nike bag and some snap rocks. My sister got some sandals and some sweets. Then we went back to see the show.

We got back home after a long journey. I have learnt to always check. I’m really excited for my next holiday and I hope I don’t forget anything.