The Trip

When people think of packing, they think of short aeroplane flights and fun car journeys. For me, I need to travel for 24 hours every time I go to Australia. This is the story of my first time going there.

My first holiday ever was one to the other side of the world. I don’t remember much but it was amazing going on a plane. I was very young at the time, in fact, I was a one-year-old. I remember that I only went there for my grandad’s funeral. My mum told me it was like a reunion. We departed the plane and a surge of heat hit me hard. I was in Australia.

There were palm trees and Milo (Australian hot chocolate), coconuts and jungles, forests and beaches. I will never hate it there. On my first day, I woke up to a rising sun and WOW it was scorching. In winter, It is 30 degrees! I wished to be in the Great Barrier reef but we didn’t go there.

On my second day, I met my great aunt (Sue) and my great uncle (Clive). The next day, I met my grandma (Margaret). Then my aunt and uncle and my cousins (Amalie, Damion, Natalie and Liam). I then went to the funeral. My mum already knew most of the people there but I was confused. Around then, my brother was 3 or 4. After the funeral, the holiday was a blur of sun in a paradise. When I got back to my house, I missed the sun. I now go there every 2 years but I haven’t gone since I was 7 because my grandma came to England. I am now 10.