When people think of holidays, they think of perfect days in the sun. Well, on this holiday that wasn’t the case. This is my story, the story of dog disasters, mobility scooters, and the worst – sunburn!

I am 11 years old and I was born in Barnsley. I enjoy playing basketball and have been a street dancer for 4 years. I enjoy listening to Oasis and Dolly Parton.

The night before the holiday, my dad drove us to my Grandma’s house. We arrived at 5pm. He slept overnight with us. The next day, dad went home and said goodbye to us. Once dad had gone, Grandad Ken hooked up the caravan onto the car, then me and Mum got ready. When everybody was completely ready, we got in the car and then we set off.

The drive was very fun and an interesting adventure. We made up songs and ate a delicious banquet of ham sandwiches. Mia (the dog) ran around a lot wagging her tail, she was very excited. Grandad detached the caravan and lined it up.

I didn’t start my holiday in the greatest way, I fell out of the caravan. Then, I saw the beautiful view of the campsite. Everything was perfect until I looked down…. I suddenly realized I was stood on sharp stones! I hopped frantically over to the other side and laid down on the lush, green grass. Roughly 2 minutes later, Mia leapt out of the caravan and jumped on me. Groaning in pain, I stood up.

The next day, we all woke up and got ready. I was ecstatic because we were travelling to the beach today! A few minutes later, we jumped into the car and zoomed to the beach. We had to go onto the dog beach: the dog was with us. It was nice though because it was very quiet and super fun! For the first time ever, I had vegan ice cream and it was absolutely astonishing. A few hours later, we decided to go home. We were all shattered and exhausted, it was a very busy but fun day.

The day after that, we wanted to go into the town so we did. My Grandma was struggling to walk. My mum had insisted for her to get a mobility scooter for years and this was the day she finally cracked. My Grandma had to because it was getting excruciatingly painful for her. We all had a test drive (including me). It felt like I was driving a Ferrari! We had some fish and chips, then we decided to go back. An hour later, we went to sleep.

The next day, we went to the fairground near the beach, just me and mum. There wasn’t much (mainly because I was absolutely and utterly petrified). There was a ride that didn’t look too intimidating so I manned up and me and Mum marched up to it and got in. It was amazing, until it started! It must have been going 50mph (probably not but that is definitely what it felt like). I nearly threw up everywhere. Luckily though it stopped before we saw my dinner again.

Sadly, we went home the next day. Our holiday in Mablethorpe was amazing all around and I would definitely do it again.