The First Test

I vividly remember my first test to get a new belt in karate. It was a hot day and I was training hard. Non-stop. Even though I’m certain I was nervous, deep down, I know I was excited. For me, back then it was hard but now when I look back I know it was super easy.

It was a sunny day. I hardly drank any water and I was getting ready for a test (which is called grading). This test would mark many more to come in the future. Tired, I took – and drank – a glass of water. I always remember how much my parents helped me. They never stopped giving me advice. Though now, I didn’t need it. Then the time came. It was time for the test…

In the car I kept asking, “Are we there yet?” and my dad kept replying, “No!” It was funny. Then we got there. My anxiety broke free. I was sweating a lot: all the parents were watching us and, to add to that, I was right in front of the instructor! Then we began.

As soon as we began, I got goose bumps. I didn’t want to fail, it was hard. “Jab!” shouted the instructor. Whenever he said “jab” we had to punch with the left hand. My mum told me I was too focused to see my uncle come in. Now it was time for the fitness part.

The first thing we did was press ups, which back then I couldn’t do so it was hard. We had to do twenty! If we finished we had to carry on until they said, “Stop!” Then we did burpees which I absolutely despised. I was so bad at it, it was insane and we had to do fifteen! After, we had the first drink break. Now it was time for kick boxing.

First thing we did was a front kick. They’re super easy. Just a normal kick. We did that for about 5 minutes. Then, all of a sudden, the instructor complemented me! Then we did right leg turning kicks. I love those kicks. I don’t know why. Since this was when I was a white belt, I was slow with them. We did those kicks for another ten minutes. Now it was time for the final part…

We did mountain climbs first: we put our hands on the floor and brought our knees up to them, we had to be quicker than our partners. It was hard, really hard.  We did a minute of squats after. The hard part was that if we stopped doing it we would have to start again. Finally the instructor said the names who passed the test. The first name he called out was mine! I was so happy words could not explain.  I ran to my mum and hugged her tightly. Then I got a present from my uncle!

Now I’m better at karate. I’m quicker, stronger and more experienced. It’s really fun at karate. Now I’m nearly at black belt. I’m one belt away. I hope I get there soon!