The Meet

When people think of others getting together, they think that they have lived near each other for a long time. But for my parents, they lived on the other side of the world from one another. My mum in Peru, South America, and my dad in London. I found it really interesting how they met. This is the story of two people from the opposite sides of the globe, how they met and made a family.

In the beginning, my parents didn’t know each other at all. Obviously, I wasn’t born yet so I don’t know all the details. In Peru, my mum was living with her mum and auntie. While my dad, who lived in a dull, cold and wet city, was living on his own. They lived completely different lives.

Due to attending a course, a few months later, my mum hopped on a plane and flew all the way to England. When she arrived, she immediately noticed that is was a lot colder and rainier than sunny Peru. Whilst my mum was exploring, my dad was coincidently travelled there as well. After being in Oxford for a few days, both my mum and dad went on the same learning course. They met. As they got to know each other better, they started to hang out more and meet more frequently. After a few months, they started dating.

Once they had dated for a year, they were making plans for their wedding. Another year went by, then my sister was born in 2004. Then after about 2-3 years, they moved to Headingly and moved again twice more before I was born. My mum and dad would have only been married for 4 years when they moved for 4th time.