Where I Belong

Recently, I asked my mum about how she ended up living in Leeds. I was interested to find out about where my parents came from and how they met. This is my story: the story of a girl and how she ended up living in Leeds with her lovely family.

It all started in 1994 when my mum moved to Leeds to move in with her brother, but also just for a change of scenery. One night, she went to the Bradford Volkswagon Club where she met my dad. At that time, my dad had a Volks Wagon campervan: that’s why he was at the club. From that moment, they became very best friends.

When my mum and dad were visiting some friends in New Zealand, they were just walking on the beach. Suddenly, my dad got down on his knee and proposed to mum. Of course, my mum couldn’t resist saying yes and that’s when my life began.

I was born in 2010 and at the age of 3 years old I started nursery at Beecroft. I made a lot of friends there but, unfortunately, I didn’t get a place to move up to reception and further. That’s okay because I moved to an even better school: Kirkstall Valley Primary School.

On my first day of reception, I made my best friend for life – Elle-May. Although she moved away to a different school in Bramley, we still keep in touch as much as we can. Despite not being able to see my best friend at school every day, we still manage to see each other.

My friends and family are so important to me, that’s why I’m so lucky to have them so close to my heart. Now I’m a confident 10 year old girl and nothing will get in the way of my future.