To Canada and Back Again!

Nowadays, when people think of me, they think of music and maths and a boy who wants a career as a scientist. Though that is true, there is more to me than meets the eye. Yeah, I’m from Leeds, but my family are from all over the globe! This is my story: a story of family and adventure.

At the age of four, in July 2014, my parents and I moved our whole lives from Leeds to Canada. At that point I didn’t have any siblings (those were the days!). We had to take two planes to get there: one to Charlotte in America and the next one to Toronto. It took around 24 hours to get to our destination!

When we got to Canada, my mum’s cousin met us at the airport and drove us to their house where we stayed in an apartment in their basement. I awoke with a start, sleeping in a bed that wasn’t mine felt different yet I still slept well. Our trip started with celebrating Canada Day, we went to a rib festival where we ate loads of nice food and went on rides. Later that night, we went down to the beach and watched the fireworks go off. I was so tired I fell asleep in my Dad’s arms and he had to carry me back to the car.

We discovered Scarborough Lake which was like a beach and only 20-minute walk from my mum’s cousin’s house so we spent a lot of hot sunny days on the beach. I love swimming and building sandcastles so it was perfect. There was also a splash pad nearby and we went there a few times to cool off.

We also visited Niagara Falls, it was amazing. We stayed in Niagara for a few nights and there we went on the Maid of The Mist, I remember it was so loud and we got soaked. In Niagara we went swimming, ate good food and went shopping. Me, my mum and dad went to Tim Horton’s a lot in Canada as its really big and popular there, I loved their muffins and Tim bits.

My parents wanted to make sure we did lots during our stay but Canada is so big yet we still managed to see and do a lot. My parents went up the CN tower but I was too small (maybe next time!) we visited the ROM museum, a castle and Toronto Zoo, but one of my favourite places was Centre Island. We had to take the train into downtown Toronto then a water taxi across into Centre Island. It has a beach, zoo, farm and lots of rides and things there and it was amazing.

To finish our trip, we stayed at my mum’s cousin’s lake house. There we tried fresh lobster for the first time and went out onto the lake on their jet ski. It was funny because my mum actually fell in the water but luckily it was warm and not too deep.

Now at ten years of age, I was asked to write a story about me, a story you just read. This is my story: a story of family, experiences, travel and a place I hope to revisit in the near future (ok then, with my siblings!)