I vividly remember my trip to Disneyland. Even though I was excited, I was pretty nervous because it was my first plane trip. I am a girl who is obsessed with Billie Elish. This is my story.

It was the day of my first plane trip to Disneyland. I was so excited so the first thing I did was go downstairs to the smell of waffles. I started to eat them, they were soooo good. The next thing I did was go upstairs to get dressed.

Then we had to set off to the airport. We got to the plane and we found our seats, we were in first class!  I was scared so I asked my mum if I could get my bear out of my bag. A few minutes in and I was asleep. We were super high by the time I woke up. I am afraid of heights but luckily we were going to land. We started to land and I got so scared.

When we got off we went straight to find our hotel. We were in the Cars hotel. After looking around the hotel, we went to this expensive shop that turned me into a princess. I was wearing a crown and a dress. Now we went on this ride, when it started moving I started to feel sick. After I ran straight to hook-a-duck. When I got to it this girl came up to me and asked me to be friends, I said sorry no. I threw my rod and I got the number 10 so I got a big teddy. I picked a Dumbo but I could tell the little girl wanted it. We went back to the hotel to chill before we were going out for tea. After we had cake, we started to pack up to go home.