My Life

My first day of school was amazing! Although I was probably so excited that I was going to explode, I was nervous too. My parents were so happy and proud of me but they were worried as well. I loved being at school. It was awesome!

The magical day I was born was a lovely evening. I was a born in a special country called Romania. The first house I saw was my grandmas, she gave me my first ever bath and organised my party when I turned 1.

A few months after I was born, my parents went to find somewhere to settle in Leeds but I stayed in Romania with my gran until they found and bought a beautiful house. In 2020, I moved house again and we had lived with my grandma but she had nowhere to stay in the new house. I was devastated, just that fact made me not want to move, she is such a kind woman with a nice heart and soul. They took me to England when I was one and a half. At the age of three I went to school.

Standing in front of the school door, I ran in not even saying goodbye to my mum or dad. Ecstatic and confident, I was brimming with excitement but deep inside I had nerves in me somewhere. My parents were worried because I only spoke Romanian. I grew up learning Romanian not English. I didn’t know anything! My parents taught me English by teaching me a word or two every day and so did the teachers at school.

Years later, I quit ballet: in my own opinion it started to get a bit boring when I started to change my stage. I was also devastated because my parents wouldn’t be able to make it to any of my performances. Now I’ve gotten into acting. I have lessons every Saturday. I love it because it is enjoyable and fun. I’m passionate about drama and wanting to be an actress. In the future, I want to be famous. I cannot wait to see what happens. This is my story, a story of a girl who has a wonderful past, present and future.