My Wonderful Holiday

Recently, I was talking to my mum about going on holiday once this pandemic is over. My mum reminded me that the last time we went away, although there are so many wonderful memories and beautiful views to remember, there were a few traumatizing events that happened. This is my story of how an exciting, fun-filled holiday brought back happy and funny memories.


On the bus from the airport, we sang a long calm relaxing song. When we got off, the driver played Greek music and we all held hands in a circle. Excitedly, my friend and I ran to the beach front and jumped into the water. After that, we went to a restaurant and had some chicken nuggets and chips, which was one of my favorite meals. After the food, we went back to the beach and built a really big sand castle, which was taller than my friend. My mum and her friend sun bathing, we knocked over the castle and it went all over them - it was hilarious! They took us home and we went on their phones to watch You Tube.


The next day, we went to the pool and when we arrived I saw a waterfall in the pool which looked amazing. All I could think about was jumping into the water because my mum said she was getting drinks. “I can’t wait until our mums get back, can you?” 1 minute later, they came back and I cannonballed into the pool and it was freezing. After a while, it warmed up and I was swimming under the waterfall, it was hard to see because it was making the water bubble. Once I got home, I went to sleep because I was super tired and I had a long day.


The next day, I went to play miniature golf which was awesome! Since I beat my mum, I was in a good mood all day even if she wasn’t. To add to my brilliant day, I found 6 euros on the floor and spent it on sweets and a slingshot. After that, I went out and shot at a watermelon 17 times with rocks, they went so far in I could barely get them out. I took a bit out and ate some of it, it wasn’t the nicest thing but I ate it anyway.   


To end our holiday, we wanted to make sure we did something really fun. Before we went home, there were so much we wanted to do. Firstly, we wanted to have one last swim which I thought would be nice, however it ended up being a total disaster! Getting out of the pool, I was running to get my towel when I slipped. All I remember, was a bright sunlight shining in my eyes. Painfully, I stood up and immediately started crying. Shocked and in pain, my mum got an ice pack from behind the hotel bar and put it on my head. After a while, I felt much better and enjoyed my last day in Greece.

On the plane back to Leeds, my ears still popping and my head still slightly sore, I managed to get a little nap. Even though I had fun, I was ready for my own bed, without mosquitos biting me all night!