Coming Home

I was on a plane. I was scared. I didn’t know where I going. Although I was worried, a little excitement shot through my spine. Where was I going? Why was I going?  Barbados is such a hot, beautiful country, why would anyone want to leave? Smiling and laughing, my parents were clearly excited, which made me feel instantly the same. This is a story about me coming home. 

Excited, 5-year-old me woke up early to the Barbados sun shining on me. Into a suitcase, I packed some clothes and bits and bobs. Placing are suitcases into the boot of the taxi, we drove to the airport. 

Once we arrived at the airport, we went through the security smoothly. The airport staff, who were very friendly, took our passports and tickets and led us to the plane. Taking my seat, I remember being confused to why the plane wouldn’t open. Before I knew it, we were up in the air in minutes. A cheeky smile spread across my face! The snack trolley had arrived! After stuffing my face with food, it was time to settle down. On the back of the chair in front of me, I watched a movie. Falling asleep on the plane, I had no idea I was going to wake up in a different country. My home. Leeds! 

England was the most amazing place I had ever seen. Even though there weren’t any palm trees and hot beaches, I immediately felt at home. The food attracted me straight away: Yorkshire pudding and Shepherd’s pie (we didn’t have any of this in Barbados). 

After settling in to my new house for a few days, I eventually started at Kirkstall Valley School. Although I was nervous, I made quite a few friends. Now, 7 years later I am in year 6 still enjoying every day. At the end of every school day, I come home to my family and feel grateful for my wonderful life in Leeds.