My parents have always been there. From the first few days of school, to grazes, cuts and always helping me with any obstacles blocking my way. I thank them for everything they have done. Learn more about a boy whose family was always there to help.

Being a seemingly normal boy at first, I never seemed to have troubles with my eyes. My family though, they were very different! Since birth, both my grandad and great grandad were colourblind. That was when my troubles began and I realised I was different.

Today’s the day, I’m going to the opticians. It would decide my future and my life. An hour later, I was there. Me and my dad, walking towards the opticians. Opening the door and hearing my name being called shocked me. The experience of it was especially petrifying. As I walked into the room, I saw the optician beaming at me. Her name was Chloe and I was told to sit down. I felt a sudden sinking feeling as she reached for a seemingly giant tool. I was awake it seemed and then I fell into a deep slumber. An hour later I awoke. I heard a sudden sigh of relief and my mother’s comforting face leaned over me.

Guess what as well? I was diagnosed with colourblindness and Benine Aniscoria! Well, I guess everyone was correct. Me and my great grandad were more similar than I thought. At least he knew since he was born and 90 years ago he joined the army…

With my great grandad always being doubted, he knew he wouldn’t last long in the army. Especially when he was called to the head office to receive some horrible news. The doubts were correct. He was forced to completely resign from the army. His frustration though, it powered him on to reach even bigger heights. He became an engineer for the army and it showed no matter what he would never give up. You can always achieve your goals as long as you are committed and work hard.

Back to the future. There is still a problem with me. Even though I know I’m colourblind, I don’t know what type I am (Petranope, Deutranope, Tytranope are the different types). I now will have to go to the opticians again and feel the same nervous feeling engulf me.

Fast forward 2 hours and I’m there. Guess what though! Apparently the optician still cannot find out what type I am. One thing I am told though is that there is a possible way of solving it. I need colourblindness glasses, but there is a problem. They are unimaginably expensive. Even until this day, colourblindness has never stopped me from reaching bigger heights and I am still getting better with my physical disability. Hopefully, at some point in the near future, my colourblindness will be solved and I will remember colours as well as everyone else pictures them.