The Pitch

A few days ago, I was scrolling through the pictures on my iPad when I came across photos of 6-year-old me. These immediately brought back memories of our eventful camping trip. This is my story: the story of a special camping trip that caused many tears and many laughs.

On a scorching summers evening, we loaded the car with our camping stuff and set off for the adventure. Arriving at the campsite, all I could remember was the amount of flies jumping on me. Setting up the tent was horrendous! The wind kept blowing it down and mum started to cry.

Eventually, we got the tent up (hooray). We then made food on a little stove. It was amazing, it made me nice and cozy, we had sausage and beans. I don’t know why, but after I got into my pajamas, I decided to roll down a big steep hill, it was fun though. The dog from next doors tent kept coming to us, it was adorable. Later that same evening, we played hide and seek. Hiding in a bush, I felt something sharp, a stinging on my feet and legs. Nettles. Still itching, I changed spots and went behind a billboard. My spot was so good that my sister could not find me. 20 mins later, I was still hiding, I thought they had forgotten about me. Then I heard a voice, “J!” I crept out to the tent and there they were, waiting for me. Relieved and stressed, they were glad I was back.

The next day, we all work up and ate breakfast. Shivering and freezing, I stayed in my blanky. It was time to take down the tent. Oh no. Mum keep whinging about it. Me and my sis did it ourselves. Although our camping trip was fun, I couldn’t wait to get in my own bed.