Love Online Made a Family

I`m going to tell you about how my parents met. My dad lived in Denmark and my mum in England. They met on the internet playing a video game. My dad thought that my mum was a boy, weird. She wasn`t and they became best friends and started to fall in love. Then one day, my dad decided to surprise my mum. He came down to live with her. Luckily, she was pleased. They moved into a house and we still live there now. Cool right!

After a few years of being together in Leeds, they decided to get married and have a baby. Me! I have the best memories growing up. Every Christmas, I would draw little cards for my family which they loved. They still ask me to make them to this day. I always have fun with my family, we go on walks and do bike rides. Growing up, my parents always looked after me.

Now as I grow older they still look after me. Although I have no siblings, it doesn`t bug me. Even though I can get lonely at home, I have my mum and dad to play with. I`m in my last year of primary school now and ready to do my SATs. I struggle with my maths so along with my teachers my mum helps me with it.

If my dad did not move to Leeds, then I would be in Denmark and my life would be very different. I love my parents and I`m very grateful for where I am today!