The Journey to Now


Recently I have asked my parents about our family tree and where I came from. I was surprised that although I live in Leeds, my parents used to live on the other sides of the world.

Now I can’t have a family without family members. I have a big brother and older sister as well as the best parents of all time. I have many cousins and aunts and uncles and the best grandparents. Now I have lots of cousins and I won’t waste time discussing them but what I love about them is that I (some times) I get to have sleep overs with them. I have the best grandparents and I’m sure you do to.

Now I can’t forget about my family so let us begin. I have a weird, funny brother and the same with my sister and then there are my parents. They are the most loveable parents and I’m sure you have the same maybe they could be annoying to you but they love you a lot I’m sure. Maybe some of your parents are like mine and love you all of the time.

I love the world but my favorite is Libya it is a great country and it will be a great country to visit. I love Libya and my whole family are Arabic and they are all Libyans (most of them are).

Now this is the part of me starting school. I have been at this school ever since I was in nursery and I still am in the school. I love this school with a heavy heart. My first friend was Yousif and I have many friends now. I treat my friends like how I treat my family.

Now I love my whole family and so do you. Everyone loves their family so let us be grateful we have them.