Meine Reise Nach Deutschland

Exactly five years ago now, I was lucky enough to have the best trip ever: the first time I had ever been out of the UK. Holidays are fun for most people but for me it was truly magical. This is a story about my trip to Germany and all the adventures that awaited me there.

We went to Germany because my dad’s cousin (Ian) and his wife (Connie) lived there. I was very excited as I have never been on holiday outside of the UK before so I knew this would be a once in a life time opportunity.

Going to the airport was not the most exciting part of the trip. We had to wait for 2 hours for the plane to come so we ate a pretzel to kill some time and to get into the German spirit. When it finally did come, I was really excited as I had never been on a plane before. I sat next to my sister (who was in the aisle seat) and my parents, who were in the pair of seats next to us.

When we eventually got there, we met Ian at the airport and got a taxi home. I was amazed at how many beautiful skyscrapers there were in Frankfurt and about how big their flat was! As it was still only 4pm, we went for a lovely walk in the park that was located across the street from their flat. The park was truly beautiful. As it was October half term, all the leaves had turned into beautiful orange, red and brown shades.

At around 6pm, we began to walk home. The sun began to set and, because it had been an eventful day, I was quite tired. It was also strange because in England it would have been 5pm so it was extremely disorientating! When we got home, we went straight to mine and Elsie’s bedroom and we were shocked to find a huge bag of German sweets on our beds. I personally had never tried them before and to this day I can remember the fizzy taste of the first one I put in my mouth.

The next day was extremely fun, we got up early and had a feast of sausage, bread and pretzels. When we had finished, we set off for the zoo. We saw all sorts of things: monkeys, hippos, camels, alpacas and much more! At the gift shop, I wandered around but didn’t find anything I liked. My sister on the other hand wanted everything! Eventually she settled on a stuffed monkey and called it Googly. Instead of going straight to our flat, we went to the shop because I didn’t find anything I liked at the gift shop. I bought a snow globe but smashed it as soon as I picked it up so Connie very kindly replaced it. When we had finished apologising to the shop owner, we made our way home.

The reason we had to get home quite swiftly was because we were going to a restaurant to have a German dish called schnitzel. I was very excited as I had never had it before. My dad told me that it was basically a thin slice of pork coated on breadcrumbs. Before we went, we had to go home and change out of our clothes but we had to be quick because we were going to pick up Connie from her work on the way to the restaurant.

When we got there, it was pretty much empty so we got a nice dimly-lit table all to ourselves. The only problem was that we couldn’t communicate with the waiters as the only word that we knew was how to say thank you (pronounced Danka) so we had to get Ian to order for us. I have to say that the schnitzel was truly amazing! After all the commotion of ordering, my mum accidently set the laminated menu alight! Not only that but she did it twice - it was hilarious! When we had finished, we went home. Before I went to bed, I went outside to admire the view. Although I was tired, I couldn’t get back to sleep as I knew what awaited the next day!

When I woke up, I wandered into the kitchen to find Ian up and dressed with a cup of coffee in his hand. We were going out early to watch the marathon! It was only a small one but I was super excited. When we got to the street where the runners were supposed to be coming past, we saw that it had been transformed into a swarm of food stalls , strange smells and people. As we had not had breakfast, we bought 5 hotdogs and a cone of chips. They were delicious! When the runners ran past, the people who were controlling the marathon started throwing Duracell bunnies into the crowd! We all caught one and I still have mine to this day. As more of the runners ran past, the more tired they looked and I felt a tiny bit sorry for them.

Arriving home, we were shocked to find that it was already past lunchtime! Although we had already had hotdogs we still had a big lunch. The rest of the day was quite relaxed, we didn’t go anywhere but Ian and my dad watched the football. Suddenly, it dawned on me that tomorrow would be our last full day before we had to go home. This was a sad thought but I didn’t want that getting in the way of me enjoying our last day.

On our last day, we had to get up early again. I could not contain my excitement as I was looking forward to this the most. We were going on a boat ride! I could not believe what I saw when we arrived! On the huge boat, there was a top floor (that was out in the open) and on the bottom layer (which was inside) was the fanciest café that I had ever seen! We sailed past the European bank, where Connie works, and lots of other skyscrapers. I found it truly fascinating and extremely fun. It was all over too quickly though. Upset and glum, we packed up that night. To make me cheer up, Connie made us an amazing dinner that definitely worked its magic.

When we got to the airport the next day, I was very tired and I fell asleep as soon as we got on the plane. Therefore, I can’t really remember the journey home but I was happy never-the-less.

To this day, I remember everything that happened and although I have changed a lot over the past few years, I am still the same energetic girl inside and can’t wait to go away with my family again.