The Life of Me

Every day when I am struggling, my parents are there for me. I want to say thank you because they do lots for me and they will until the day I die. This is a story about lots of different things that I have done with my parents.

A few years ago, I went to a theme park (I had never been to one). Nervous and scared, I joined the line for the massive roller coaster. Even though it looked scary, it was actually alright. This ride I wanted to go on, the Ferris wheel, had the worst possible thing that could happen, happen! Scarily it stopped! I didn’t know what to do. It only stopped for a minute but it felt like an hour. The last ride was weird: it was the swinging bus. It was a fun day.

Another fun day with my family, we were going to the beach. The beach was far and took 2 hours and 45 minutes to get there. The first thing I did was go for a swim. The sea was cold so I didn’t stay in for long. Near the beach was a fish and chip shop, I ate some for my lunch. Delicious! After lunch we went shopping and I bought a tennis racket and a ball. I went back on the beach and played tennis with my sister. Yawning, I went back on the coach and slept all the way back home.

There are so many memories of wonderful things I did with my family. Even though coronavirus is stopping us at the moment, I can’t wait to play cricket and football with my dad again. They will always make me smile and I am so thankful for them.