Life in Two Countries

When people think of crying, they imagine sadness. For me crying meant love and memories. When I first saw my family crying it felt like I lost them. This is our story: a story of a family who moved from one side of the world to another.

When I was nine, I moved to England with my family. Whilst I looked outside, I saw a beautiful view that felt peaceful. Me and my family were born in Malaysia and this was my first step in England. I felt happy and excited to be able to breath in my first breathe of air from England. The air felt fresh just like my country. In this beautiful world there are so many places to see yet I have only travelled to a few. I never felt peace during the flight however now it felt like heaven.

Soon I moved to my friend’s house for a few days. My dad was busy trying to find a house for us to live in. It took a lot of days for my dad to find a house for us. A few days later, our family moved to Kirkstall. The house was amazing. When I got to Kirkstall Valley I found a friend who was from Malaysia! I was so happy, since I moved here I have very nice friends and they play with me all the time. I like the place where I live it is beautiful and amazing.

I started school after my siblings went to school. The first school I had been to was Sacred Heart but I couldn’t go with my siblings because there was no place for me to sit. I only stayed there for a few days before joining Kirkstall Valley. It is such a lovely school and some of my friends wanted to play with me. The school is amazing, I really like it. I made my best friends and the education is good. It really blew my mind and I feel like I don’t want to stop learning at all. It’s really lovely where I have stayed. The thing why I would like to stay here is so that I can speak English properly, my dad is really happy about how I learn so fast.

My life is pretty good and I’m really happy, I play with my friends and talk a lot. I feel so lucky about my family that we got to be here but still there’s a lot more family who would be lucky to come. My family are busy a lot because of their work. It’s kind of fun where I live, I have lived 4 years in England. I’m quite sad that when I’m in year 7 I have to go back to my country but I will get to see my family and I’m only staying there for a bit.

My best friends are always nice to me. I always like them to be my best friends. My thing is fun but not too much. Whenever I’m alone they are always there for me and make something that makes me happy a lot. We don’t play that much. Happy and sad in life they are always there for me.