To and Fro

When people think of packing, ideas of relaxing beach holidays spring to mind. For me packing meant moving into the unknown. For me packing didn’t always mean happiness sometimes it meant patience and nervousness. My whole life was full of just going with the flow. This is my story: a story that has spanned thousands of miles and taken me across continents.

At the age of five, I first saw my mum pack. Momentarily my dad was in the army – we were coming to England because my dad wanted to develop his career. When we first arrived in the UK, the air felt fresh. Just like in Pakistan the view was beautiful.

We landed in London because at that time my cousins, who were only babies, were living there with their parents. As we drove past, I saw beautiful constellations, I saw Big Ben and I saw London Bridge. One of the best things I’ve experienced. There are so many beautiful places in this world yet I only get to see a few.

When we got there we were introduced with a wonderful greeting. We stayed there for one night then left. We set off for Leeds. It was night when we got there so we went to bed straight away. When we woke up we went to school. Whilst I was there my parents set up the flat. I got home and told my mum I made lots of new friends. That day I learnt lots of new things - including English! We soon moved house when I was in Year 3. The house we moved into was amazing.

A few years later, we had to go to Pakistan for my aunt’s wedding. When we came back we were living in a new house but still going to the same school. I was happy we didn’t change school because I love Kirkstall Valley Primary School.

A few years later, when I was in Year 5, we had to leave because the army wanted my dad back. We went to Pakistan and waited at my grandma’s house until the army decided where we should live. When the army decided, we checked the place out. Soon we left to pick up our suitcases.

Instead of going to the place we were meant to stay, we went somewhere else. The next day my mum started packing. We kept asking her why. She soon told us that we were going back to England.

We got really excited and started running around. At noon we went to the airport and came back. It felt really good to take in the English air again. As soon as we came, lockdown started. Sadly, because of that, we had to do home learning.

After a few months, it was the summer holidays. Now it is the beginning of a new class and school year.