Leaving Home

It was almost summer and I was very excited. A new country and style. We went to a hotel for a few days – I was extremely bored. My dad went first, I was wondering what it was like over there compared to here. This is a story of mystery, travelling and happiness.

It all started when my dad had to study in England for his PHD. He stayed here for a few months before we came. When I first came, I noticed one massive change though: the weather. In my country, during summer it was almost 60°c whereas over here it was only 20°c but I soon got used to it.

On my first day of school I was very nervous and knew no English at all. When my parents left me at school, I cried. I was very early though and my teacher told me to hug this teddy bear that we had. Unusually, it made me feel placid. After that, I saw the other students come through the door. The first subject we did was English, but before that the teacher asked everyone to say hello in my language (Arabic). I was surprised that they all knew how to say it. After school, I realised that my parents leaving me by myself was completely fine and doesn’t need crying.

After Y2 and Y3, I had learnt so much more English and had become much more fluent. I moved to Leeds in Y4 so my mum could study. She finished her study later and we moved to a new house and lived happily.

I hope that one day I will visit my family again after 6 years. When I get there I will have a party and see Iraq again.