Kirkstall Valley Primary School


The small school with a big heart.


 KVPS Curriculum Overview

The school curriculum is underpinned by three threads- SMSC, English (literacy skills) and Problem Solving. These are key priorities in the curriculum and each teacher’s curriculum file has the three underpinning threads listed and explained/exemplified at the front. The planning proforma for foundation subjects has a column for underpinning threads, where teachers explain which thread (or threads) are addressed in every topic lesson. The school curriculum is skills-based to allow for a progression in children’s skills. British Values and SMSC are addressed mainly through the RE Scheme of Work, the PSHE curriculum (which includes MindMate and Philosophy for Children), the History curriculum (which includes Black History Month) and assemblies. We also have Investors in Pupils status which promotes many broader outcomes for children. Weekly time is put aside for children to meet in a range of Forums, including Racial Harmony and School Council. Buddies also meet with a teacher to discuss how best to meet the needs of the children in our school, when not working in class. At Kirkstall Valley Primary School, we also run a series of special weeks and clubs throughout the year to promote a wider understanding of the world and these activities and Theme Weeks are fully supported by parents, staff and children. This is a flavour of what we do:


If you would like more information about each subject area of the school curriculum, you can find all of our subject policies here.

If you would like more information about the expectations for Reading, Writing and Maths for each year group, you can find it here.