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Kirkstall Valley Primary School- Aims and Values

Our aim at Kirkstall Valley is to allow children to succeed in whatever they choose to, by providing them with a rich, diverse, wholesome and challenging curriculum that will equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue their dreams. We want the best for every individual and by giving our children the education, opportunities, freedom, nurture and challenge that we do, we hope that they will go out into the world feeling confident to make their own path.

Our values:

We value happiness. We know that we learn best when we’re happy, and so we put happiness at the forefront at KVPS.

We value learning. We all learn in different ways and we never stop learning. We persevere with our learning and we are able to make mistakes, because we learn from them. We learn about the world and about ourselves and we just love to learn!

We value respect. We respect each other, we respect our environment and we respect ourselves. We know what respect looks like, sounds like and feels like and we know how we should be respected too.

We value relationships. We make connections with people every day – with our friends, our families, our teachers and our communities. We learn how to make, maintain and appreciate these relationships and we know that these relationships make our world a wonderful place to be.

We value diversity. We are all so different and we love that! We love to hear about, understand and celebrate each other’s differences and we know that, together, our diversity makes us stronger.

We value resilience. We know that not everything will be easy and we don’t want it to be! We want to show that we can rise to challenges, that we can bounce back after set-backs, and that we are confident in our abilities to get the best for ourselves!

And finally, we value ourselves. We know that we deserve a happy, healthy life and we are all here to make sure that happens.


(Agreed by governors, staff and the School Council, December 2017.)