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As Governors, we are very proud of our school – it is clear to us that the pupils thrive here: they are safe, work hard and enjoy their learning. The teaching staff put in a huge number of hours preparing and delivering lessons, whilst giving the children the care and attention they need. The success and development of the pupils is clearly reflective of the staff’s drive, dedication and hard work.

We have an excellent mix of Governors comprising of elected parents, local authority representatives, community members, teachers and associate members. The Governors bring a wealth of knowledge covering a wide range of areas eg. finance, recruitment, health and safety, special education needs and pastoral support.

We volunteer our time and regularly meet at the school to not only support, but also challenge the Headteacher in our role as ‘critical friend’. We are the strategic managers of the school creating and reviewing school policies, targets and the direction of the school.

Ms Sam Clarke - Chair of Governors Mrs Kully Richardson - Head Teacher    

         Ms Amber Rithalia - Vice Chair                 

  Cllr John Illingworth - LA Governor             
             Appointed 20th May 2015 Appointed 01st September 2015 Appointed 18th October 2013 Appointed 05th September 2011
Mr Adrian Lodge - Co-opted Governor Mr Seb McGowan - Co-opted Governor Miss Hayley Wild - Staff Governor Mrs Tracy Catherall - Parent Governor
Appointed 20th May 2015 Appointed 20th May 2015 Appointed 07th April 2015 Appointed 30th September 2015
 Ms Hilary Mitchell - Parent Governor           Ms Agnieszka Szymanowicz - LA Governor   Ms Naomi Batten - Parent Governor Miss Sandra Luis - Parent Governor
Appointed 18th October 2013 Appointed 18th September 2015 19th November 2013 Appointed 18th January 2017




Ms Christine Dent - Associate Member Mr Alan Phillips - Associate Member                                                                                              
Appointed 20th May 2015 Appointed 20th May 2015


Strategic Governors Committee

This committee will meet when required to look at specific priorities on the school development plan. All governors would be a member of this committee.


Finance and Staffing Committee (incorporating Pay Committee and Buildings)

Adrian Lodge, Sam Clarke, Seb McGowan, Hilary Mitchell, Alan Phillips and the Headteacher.


Curriculum and Standards Committee

John Illingworth, Amber Rithalia, Ikram Sadeeq,Tracy Catherall, Headteacher and the staff governor.


Pastoral Pupil Support Committee

Sam Clarke, Naomi Batten, Tracy Catherall and the Headteacher.


Pupil, Staff Disciplinary Committee

Any of the following: Sam Clarke, Adrian Lodge, Seb McGowan, John Illingworth.

Governor Responsibilities


Healthy Schools


Extended Schools




Equal Opportunities

Health and Safety

Performance Management Governor

Child Protection



Pupil Premium



Chair of Finance and Personnel Committee

Performance Management Governor





Mrs Naomi Batten

Mrs Sam Clarke

Cllr John Illingworth

Ms Amber Rithalia

Mr Adrian Lodge

Mrs Naomi Batten

Mr Sebastian McGowan

Alan Phillips

Mrs Sam Clarke

Mrs Sam Clarke

Mrs Sam Clarke

Mrs Sam Clarke

Ms Amber Rithalia

Mrs Naomi Batten

Ms Tracy Catherall

Mr Adrian Lodge

Mr Adrian Lodge



Governing Body Summary            
Category Seats Possible   Seats Approved   Vacancies  
Co-opted Representative 4   4   0  
Head Teacher 1   1   0  
LA Representative 1   1   0  
Parent Representative 5   5   0  
Staff Governor Representative 1   1   0  
Total 12   12   0  
Associated Members 2   2   0