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 Year 3 - 2017-18

Stone Age Trip

Class Three Poetry Performance

Wearing yellow for World Mental Health Day


Class 3 investigating what happens when the amount of friction acting on an object changes.


Class Three - National Poetry Day Recital

Trip to Nidderdale


Year 3 - Canal Boat Trip

Year 3 really enjoyed their boat trip, and it was fantastic to see our art work all over the boat. Despite one of the boats’ engines breaking half way through the trip, we had a great time – it didn’t rain, some of us got to steer the boat and we all enjoyed being sailors for the morning!

Year 3 trip - Field to Fork

                                                      Our Fantastic Class     - The Costume Winners  -   The Incredible Mrs Lander

Year 3 finished off their robot sculpture topic by making their very own recycled robots to take home!

It was messy, but lots of fun.


Year Three experimented with Magnets!

African Drumming

Robot Dancing Videos


Science - Rocks and Solids

Making Robot Masks

Cereal Tasting                                       Making Cereal