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Nursery 2016-17


Newsletters 2016-17


Shape Hunt

Nursery have loved going on shape hunts. They have looked all around them, both in Nursery and at home, identifying the different shapes they have found.







Nursery really enjoyed their visit from Zoolab. They were all extremely brave and ether held or stroked some of the animals they brought in to see us. 









Police Visit

Whilst doing the topic 'Everyday Heroes', Nursery looked around them and decided who their heroes were. For some children their heroes were someone in their family and for others they looked a little wider into the local community. 

We would like to thank West Yorkshire Police for talking the time to come and visit us, explaining what they do to help within the community. 


 Click to see the Police Visit videos




Fire Fighter Visit


Nursery enjoyed a visit from the fire fighters. We watched the lights flashing and listened to the siren. We took it in turn to climb into the back of the engine and look at all the equipment the fire fighters use. We had a taste of what it would be like to be a fire fighter and took it in turn to squirt water from the small hose.

We then watched how the professionals do it with the large hose.

To be a firefighter it is important to be able to get into your uniform fast. We practiced doing this but found that we may need to grow a little!



 French Day

Nursery enjoyed joining in with the school’s French day. We spoke about the different food you may eat if you live in France. Then we worked together to make some scrummy crapes. We were especially good at choosing a topping to put on them and then eating them. Bon appetit!





   Playing in the puddles.

Birds of Prey Visit

Nursery 2015-16

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Health Week

We enjoyed brushing our teeth.

We enjoyed tasting exotic fruits and we made some fruits’ kebabs.

One Ted Falls Out of Bed

Having Fun in Nursery!

Nursery's ‘Bear Hunt’ listening walk.


Nursery have been using our listening ears to listen carefully for sounds in our environment.

In literacy we have been enjoying reading and retelling the story ‘Were going on a Bear hunt’.

We decided to go on our own bear hunt around our school to see who we could find but we also wanted to use our listening ears to listen for any new sounds.

We heard lots of sounds from children laughing and singing, aeroplanes flying over and police sirens going past.

We found a Bear!